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Planning and Noise BS8233 is the only acoustic consultancy in the UK that is UKAS Accredited to survey environmental noise in accordance with BS7445.*

We offer Environmental Noise Assessments and report services together with advice and assistance in obtaining planning permission where noise is an issue. We also act as expert witness and have supported our clients at Public Inquiries and Appeals.

We specialise in advising property developers and home

builders on residential developments where noise can be

a problem, such as:

  • Road Noise

  • Rail Noise

  • Aircraft Noise

  • Industrial and Commercial Noise

Commercial, Retail and Industrial
Do you have to deal with problems associated with noise

egress from a proposed development and its impact on

nearby sensitive receivers? Whether it’s for a Commercial

or Industrial Development, a Pub or Club, or a

Petrochemical Installation or Expansion for example, we

have specialists that can help.

*True as of 20th September 2023

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