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To all our valued clients,


Times are tough and, like many of you, we have reigned in our operations to control the spread of Covid-19 in accordance with Government guidance.  However, there are still a number of services that our highly qualified team can still provide, whilst still being committed to 'social distancing' policies:


Noise and Planning: Ltd can still offer environmental noise assessments where sites are near the strategic transport network.  Industry standard calculation procedures allow us to calculate the noise associated with roads and railways, if they are the dominant source of noise.  This follows guidance issued by The Association of Noise Consultants and The Institute of Acoustics.  Future verification measurements can be made to support applications at a future date.


If it isn't possible to provide a realistic prediction of the noise affecting your site, we can offer you a low cost site appraisal.  We can evaluate the likely noise and vibration risks and consult with the local planning authority so that you are ready to hit the ground running when the Covid-19 crisis abates.

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Building Design:  If you’re designing a residential, office, healthcare or education building Ltd's expert team can still help you by providing a desktop study of your plans.  A desktop study can help you catch common acoustic issues before you get on site.

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Training and Development:  If your work force is social distancing at home, why not offer them an alternative to Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime? Ltd can offer bespoke training sessions delivered via video link to help up-skill your team to make them more effective when they return to the office or construction site.

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For more information on how Ltd can meet your acoustics, noise and vibration requirements in the next few months, contact us now on 02476 545 397 or

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